11th Annual PNW AIAA Technical Symposium on November 18th!


Don’t miss it – last chance to register!

Download the final program here:

2017 Technical Symposium Final Program

The 2017 Pacific Northwest AIAA Technical Symposium “Pacific Northwest Aerospace Reaches for the Skies!” is only 1 week away!

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Lynnwood Convention Center

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Our program features a great diversity of presentations: titles and speakers are listed below. Just like previous years there will be two speed mentoring sessions with mentors from around the industry, such as Boeing, Blue Origin, Mathworks, or the University of Washington.


New this year is a session during which 4 aerospace startup companies from the Pacific Northwest get to pitch about their company to a jury with “Formidable Ventures” owner Don Weidner and South Korea’s first astronaut Soyeon Yi in the panel!




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Preliminary Program for the 2017 AIAA PNW Technical Symposium Available!


The 2017 Pacific Northwest AIAA Technical Symposium “Pacific Northwest Aerospace Reaches for the Skies!” is less than 1 month away!

Don’t miss it and register here

On Saturday November 18th, 2017 approximately 250 aerospace professionals and students will get together at the Lynnwood Convention Center to broaden their horizons, share their knowledge and make new connections. The program will include two keynotes of industry leaders, a dozen aerospace-related technical presentations, a workshop on “how to disseminate your message”, as well as a “Rising Leaders” forum organized by the young professionals, which includes a separate keynote, speed mentoring sessions highly-regarded professionals, and a workshop.

The preliminary program is available and can be downloaded: 2017_AIAA_Tech_Symposium_Preliminary_Program


Sponsorship opportunities are still available

Several sponsoring options (listed in the table below) are available. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring this event, click here for more information. sponsorship_table

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Sign up now for the 2017 PNW AIAA Awards Banquet on June 21

PNW AIAA Awards Banquet
June 21, 2017, 5:30 at Ivar’s Salmon House

Please join us for our Annual Pacific Northwest AIAA Awards Banquet at Ivar’s Salmon House on June 21, 2017 where our Distinguished Lecturer will be Dr. Agnes Blom-Schieber, senior stress analyst in the Prodcuct Development team of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle.

Sign up here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ee9gj2na6a7cc754&llr=zhotlqdab

Dr. Agnes Blom-Schieber is specialized in the design, analysis and production of composite structures, but enjoys solving all kinds of multi-disciplinary problems. Since she joined Boeing in 2011 she has worked on many different projects, ranging from developing advanced composites design and analysis methods to reducing the time to assemble aircraft structures, contributing to brand-new airplane designs or fire-fighting artillery shells. Dr. Blom-Schieber has a strong analytical background, but does not shy away from hands-on work in the R&D lab. She knows for example how to program, operate and repair automated fiber placement robots or large presses. The combination of analytical skills and practical experience makes it easy for her to work with mathematicians and engineers from different disciplines. Agnes loves to integrate science and engineering: working with diverse teams fuels her creativity and innovation. This is visible in the 23 granted and pending patent applications and trade secrets she has generated over the past 5 years.

Agnes enjoys learning and being an active member of numerous technical societies, such as the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE). Agnes has organized a number of technical symposia for the Pacific Northwest Section of the AIAA, special sessions on composite laminate optimization at international AIAA conferences, and a technical conference for SAMPE. She mentors younger engineers and graduate students, both on technical knowledge as well as on their career choices. Agnes also volunteers for STEM activities, during which she shares her passion for aerospace with children.

Agnes now lives in the Pacific Northwest, but she grew up in a small town in the Netherlands, called Zwammerdam. She feels right at home in Seattle, because it rains just as much as it does in the Netherlands. Besides missing her family she misses eating good bread with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. Agnes loves to play volleyball and ultimate frisbee, grow her own fruits and vegetables, hike, ski, and ride her motorcycle together with her husband.

Dr. Agnes Blom-Schieber will be presenting:

 Composites in Aerospace – Necessary Developments in Laminate Analysis and Design

The presentation will start with a short introduction on the use of composite laminates in aerospace structures, followed by a discussion of current design and analysis practices for large composite structures, such as airplane wings. Along the way challenges in each phase of the development of composite parts will be highlighted, describing where the engineering (and mathematics) community can help the aerospace industry. 

Buffet Menu at Ivar’s Salmon House Includes: Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mesquite Cornbread Muffins with Honey Lavender Butter, Alder Grilled Coho Salmon, Alder Grilled Breast of Chicken,  Alder Grilled Flank Steak, Vegetables and Potatoes, Cookies and Brownies, Coffee, Tea and Soda

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PNW AIAA Annual Engineer of the Year Nominations (2017)

The Pacific Northwest Section would like to recognize AIAA members’ achievements and service to the aerospace industry.

For 2017, the PNW AIAA Council is looking for outstanding nominees from the larger PNW AIAA Section for the following Engineer of the Year categories:
Young Engineer of the Year
Industry Engineer of the Year
STEM Advocate of the Year

Each of our members are aware of colleagues whose achievements are worthy of recognition. Please consider outstanding engineers and educators and nominate them as candidates for the awards listed above.

The Guide for Preparation of Engineer of the Year Nominations can be found here: Nominations Guidelines – 2017. The separately available nomination forms for each of the award categories contain specific evaluation criteria and required information. Please provide the required information as completely and concisely as possible.

The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. on Friday, June 9, 2017. Earlier submissions are much appreciated by the Awards Committee.

Please send nominations or any questions via e-mail to honors-and-awards@pnwaiaa.org.

Volunteers to help on the Nomination Committee are needed. See the links above for more details. Thank you in advance for your help.

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11th Annual Technical Symposium Call for Abstracts

The 11th Annual PNW AIAA Technical Symposium is coming in November. We are now accepting applications from prospective presenters for the event. See below for details on the Abstract submission process if you are interested in presenting.

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February Technical Dinner Meeting: Managing Risk in a Dynamic Cyber Environment

University of Washington – 218 Guggenheim Hall
Thursday, February 16, 2017  |   6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Managing Risk in a Dynamic Cyber Environment
By David Shaw and Russ Syphert

Threats from cyber-attacks and subsequent breaches are no longer something new; it’s the new normal.  Remote network intrusion is being used to steal valuable intellectual property (industrial espionage) and personal identifiable information.  Most recently we are experiencing massive denial of service attacks causing considerable financial damage. Fact:  60% of business suffering a breach fail after 6 months.  Recent leaks from political mail servers have shown the havoc and chaos that can be created from “hacktivists” or nationally sponsored actors. The presentation will focus on the most target rich environment for hackers – the Cloud, and will help our audience understand the threat and ways companies and individuals defend against these threats.

About Global Business Analysis (GBA)

For over a decade, GBA has been providing executable cyber security and information assurance solutions for near term and sustainable long term security and growth in the face of advanced cyber and associated business threats. Their focus is on protecting critical infrastructures (aviation, land and maritime domains on the energy grid, and others, including the healthcare domain).

David Shaw
David Shaw is the Founder and CEO of GBA. Prior to founding GBA, David held other senior positions, including a Principal/Partner for Arthur Andersen Worldwide Consulting; he led three technology firms and is the Past Chairman of the University of Washington’s Center for Information Assurance Advisory Board, and serves as an adjunct lecturer at UWT in risk management. He holds multiple advanced degrees, is an AIAA Associate Fellow, and is a retired USAF senior officer and a combat veteran fighter pilot.

Russ Syphert
Russ Syphert is GBA’s Vice President for Technology. He joined GBA after a career in the military. During that time, he was assigned to work as a signals intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency (NSA). Russ holds multiple certifications to include CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker, and ISRM.



Please RSVP in advance if you want to be guaranteed food and drink.

  • AIAA Professional members: $5.00
  • Family members of AIAA member: $5.00
  • Non-AIAA members: $10.00
  • Students: Free
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WEDNESDAY- 2016 Technical Dinner Meeting: Designing for Road Warriors and Space Cadets

PNW AIAA Proudly Presents

Designing for Road Warriors and Space Cadets


Dr Rachelle N. Ornan-Stone

WHEN: November 30, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: 301 Gowen Hall, University of Washington Plaza
COST: Free for students, $5-$10 professionals

Dr. Rachelle N. Ornan-Stone is a design researcher / experience designer for aerospace and alternative environments. She has a diverse aerospace background which includes the design development of aircraft flight decks, International Space Station on-board processes and systems, a space hotel interior for NASA, and CST-100 Starliner concept interior and lighting. Currently, she directs research related to Boeing aircraft interiors and bridges communication between sales, marketing, engineering and airlines to ensure commercially viable, preferred products which maximize revenue.

Ornan-Stone holds a PhD in experimental psychology, and a Master’s in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University.  She is an avid hiker, backpacker and competitive synchronized swimmer, and  currently serves as an elected PNW-AIAA Advisory-Council Member.

Rachelle’s talk, titled “Designing for Road Warriors and Space Cadets” will span diverse topics related to the design, science and psychology of aerospace interiors.  She will cover some of her favorite work projects to date related to visual perception, space tourism, the passenger of the future, and MORE!

Please RSVP in advance if you want to be guaranteed for food and drink.

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Technical Symposium Program Now Available

The 10th annual Pacific Northwest Technical Symposium is coming up Saturday!

Take a look at the program by clicking here.

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2016 Technical Symposium Updates

There are 5 days left until the 2016 Technical Symposium. Sign up now!

Registration Link

Schedule Overview:
7:15am: Registration/Breakfast Begins
8:15am: Welcome/ Opening Speaker
12:00pm: Lunch Speaker
3:45pm: Closing Speaker
4:45pm-5:30pm: Networking Reception

Luncheon Keynote with Dr. Nicholas Patrick: An Update on Blue Origin’s New Shepard Program 

The last year has been a busy one for Blue Origin:  they’ve conducted 4 more test flights of the reusable New Shepard spacecraft, successfully recovering the booster and crew capsule after each flight.  Their most recent flight included a test of the capsule’s escape system during ascent.  They’ve also announced our New Glenn orbital launch system.  Dr. Patrick will review Blue Origin’s recent steps on the path to human spaceflight.

Dr. Nicholas Patrick is the Human Integration Architect at Blue Origin.  In this role he is responsible for the human-centered aspects of Blue Origin’s designs and launch operations.  Before joining Blue Origin, Dr. Patrick was a NASA astronaut and flew as a mission specialist on STS-116 and STS-130, two construction missions to the International Space Station.  On STS-130, Dr. Patrick performed three spacewalks to complete installation of the ISS’s Node 3 and Cupola.  Prior to becoming an astronaut, he worked at Boeing in Everett on the design of commercial aircraft flight decks.  Born in the UK, Dr. Patrick studied engineering at Cambridge University, and earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Blue Origin, based in Kent WA, is a private company developing vehicles and technologies to enable commercial human space transportation. Blue Origin has the long-term goal of greatly increasing the number of people who live and work in space.

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2016 Technical Symposium Speakers


Innovations in Aerospace and Beyond

The 10th annual PNWAIAA Technical Symposium is coming up November 19th.
Registration is now open at this REGISTRATION LINK.

We are excited to announce the following speakers for the Symposium:

Opening Plenary Speaker: Mark Moore

mooresteambioPrincipal Investigator, NASA Langley Research Center

Mark has been at NASA 32 years, specializing in the design and development of powered-lift aircraft and their technologies. Over the past decade he’s focused on applying electric propulsion to enable significant reductions in operating costs, community noise, and carbon emissions. He currently has two roles at NASA Langley Research Center as the Senior Advisor for On-Demand Mobility, as well as the Principal Investigator for the Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology Operations Research X-Plane (SCEPTOR). He previously led the LEAPTech Mobile Ground Rig and GL-10 UAV demonstrators.

Luncheon Keynote: Dr. Nicholas Patrick

nicholaspatrickHuman Integration Architect, Blue Origin

Nicholas is responsible for the human-centered aspects of Blue Origin’s designs and launch operations. Before joining Blue Origin, Dr. Patrick was a NASA astronaut and flew as a mission specialist on STS-116 and STS-130, two construction missions to the International Space Station.

Closing Plenary Speaker: Kourosh Hadi

Director of Airplane Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplane

Kourosh Hadi has been Director of Airplane Product Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, since 1985.

Also on the day’s program are:

Vera Mulyani, CEO, Mars City Design

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaoqaaaajgmxmtu3otm0ltkxnjitngm3mi05mtiwltcyyzqzownjnza0nqVera has combined creative talents in art, architecture, urban design, film making and storytelling with technology, innovation and business development to create a collaborative competition platform for designing cities for Mars, in anticipation of settlements on the Red Planet. Ms. Mulyani is the Master Architect and planner of Mars City Design.

Brien Seeley, MD

brien2015Brien founded the Sustainable Aviation Foundation in 2015, after 34 years as President of the renowned CAFE Foundation, to advance technologies and innovations pertinent to environmentally friendly, electrically powered aircraft and to help bring forth their implementation into safe, quiet, useful aircraft that can benefit the public, the environment and the transportation system.

The Rising Leaders Forum

This forum is focused on early career professionals and will be followed by speed mentoring sessions networking with mentors in which participants will learn about different career paths and get first-hand career advice from industry professionals.

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