2016 Technical Symposium Speakers


Innovations in Aerospace and Beyond

The 10th annual PNWAIAA Technical Symposium is coming up November 19th.
Registration is now open at this REGISTRATION LINK.

We are excited to announce the following speakers for the Symposium:

Opening Plenary Speaker: Mark Moore

mooresteambioPrincipal Investigator, NASA Langley Research Center

Mark has been at NASA 32 years, specializing in the design and development of powered-lift aircraft and their technologies. Over the past decade he’s focused on applying electric propulsion to enable significant reductions in operating costs, community noise, and carbon emissions. He currently has two roles at NASA Langley Research Center as the Senior Advisor for On-Demand Mobility, as well as the Principal Investigator for the Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology Operations Research X-Plane (SCEPTOR). He previously led the LEAPTech Mobile Ground Rig and GL-10 UAV demonstrators.

Luncheon Keynote: Dr. Nicholas Patrick

nicholaspatrickHuman Integration Architect, Blue Origin

Nicholas is responsible for the human-centered aspects of Blue Origin’s designs and launch operations. Before joining Blue Origin, Dr. Patrick was a NASA astronaut and flew as a mission specialist on STS-116 and STS-130, two construction missions to the International Space Station.

Closing Plenary Speaker: Kourosh Hadi

Director of Airplane Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplane

Kourosh Hadi has been Director of Airplane Product Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, since 1985.

Also on the day’s program are:

Vera Mulyani, CEO, Mars City Design

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaoqaaaajgmxmtu3otm0ltkxnjitngm3mi05mtiwltcyyzqzownjnza0nqVera has combined creative talents in art, architecture, urban design, film making and storytelling with technology, innovation and business development to create a collaborative competition platform for designing cities for Mars, in anticipation of settlements on the Red Planet. Ms. Mulyani is the Master Architect and planner of Mars City Design.

Brien Seeley, MD

brien2015Brien founded the Sustainable Aviation Foundation in 2015, after 34 years as President of the renowned CAFE Foundation, to advance technologies and innovations pertinent to environmentally friendly, electrically powered aircraft and to help bring forth their implementation into safe, quiet, useful aircraft that can benefit the public, the environment and the transportation system.

The Rising Leaders Forum

This forum is focused on early career professionals and will be followed by speed mentoring sessions networking with mentors in which participants will learn about different career paths and get first-hand career advice from industry professionals.

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