Central Sound Region & Washington State Science Fair AIAA Award Winners

Central Sound Regional, March 9, Bellevue CollegeCentralRegion_ScienceAndEngineeringFair_2013

  • Hannah Tobin, Aviation High School, Vortex Generators vs. Airflow Separation
  • Noah Coats, Cedarcrest High School, The Effect of Wing Shape on Lift
  • Emma Abraham, Cedarcrest High School, Investigating the Use of Plasma Rockets for Interplanetary Space  Travel
  • Connor Barrett, Cedarcrest High School, The Effect of Surface Coatings on Aerodynamic Drag
  • Gary Foss, AIAA member and science fair judge

Washington State Finals, April 5-6, Bremerton High SchoolWA_State_ScienceAndEngineeringFair_2013

  • Gary Foss, AIAA member and science fair judge
  • Samantha Ward, Sumner Senior High School, Icing On Top (lift and drag on an iced wing in a wind tunnel)
  • Sumukh  Bharadwaj, Capital High School, Olympia, Configuring a biplane airfoil for practical application and sonic boom reduction in subsonic to supersonic  (CFD project – can two wings be positioned to reduce shock in supersonic flow?)
  • Helen Carson, Home Schooled, Crater Proportions on Mars Not Correlated with Thermal Inertia (data mining of Mars crater database)
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