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  • Ask an Engineer – Ask an Engineer is a way for K-12 students to reach out (usually through their teacher) to professional members and get their engineering questions answered…OR just email
  • STEM K-12 Outreach
  • Kids Place K-12 Activities: Expand your knowledge base to excite students: AIAA Educator Associates have selected some of the best STEM K-12 resources available from a variety of organizations. If you are trying to connect Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards of learning in an interesting and engaging manner, these resources can fit your needs. Studies show that the best way to reinforce concepts in students’ minds is by using hands-on, inquiry based projects to demonstrate the concepts.
  • AIAA Foundation Classroom Grant Program: Earn up to $250 for your science and math programs
  • AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award: Every even year, the AIAA Foundation honors exemplary and inspiring classroom teachers. Nominations are open to any classroom teacher who goes above and beyond in making STEM subjects relevant and exciting to their students and using AIAA resources in their lessons. The award includes a trip for the winning teachers to Washington, DC, to attend the AIAA aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala in May of the odd year. Anyone may nominate a candidate.
  • Ask Polaris: Ask Polaris is a web site designed to guide students, parents, and counselors much like the North Star guides navigators.
  • Careers in Aerospace: The aerospace industry offers a wide array of choices when it comes to a career. There is a job for everyone in one field or another associated with the industry. Your first step is to prepare a foundation for your future career. Most engineering jobs require a heavy concentration of math and science, and preparation starts in middle and high school. There are also needs for business developers, marketing personnel, finance and accounting…all possibilities that you can research by going to corporate web sites, job boards and networking.
  • Boeing Careers
  • Aviation & Space Education (FAA)
  • NASA Education
  • NASA Engineering Design Challenge
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory Education