Pacific Northwest AIAA Classroom Grants
Our goal is to promote aerospace education activities in K-12 classrooms in the Northwest region and to encourage development of innovative aerospace activities within the prescribed curriculum. In support of this goal, the Pacific Northwest AIAA section offers supplemental grants beyond the AIAA national grants to encourage and support classroom activities, programs and events initiated by K-12 teachers in our Northwest region.

Teachers interested in these grants initiate the process by applying for a national grant through our national AIAA office.  The maximum amount for a national grant is $250.  Once approved for a national grant, our PNW AIAA section will, if the grant proposal amount exceeds $250, add an additional regional grant of up to $250.  This can provide up to $500 for an aerospace-focused classroom project.

To be eligible for our PNW AIAA section grant, all applicants must be K-12 teachers residing in the state of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Alaska.  All applicants must also be current Educator Associates of AIAA, which is free to all K-12 teachers.  Visit our national web site to join (Note: You will need to create an account to join.)

For grant submission cycles, visit our Classroom Grants page on our national AIAA web site.

To apply for a national grant, review the Classroom Grant Guidelines and submit an application form to our national AIAA office.

Once your national grant has been approved, forward that approval email along with your receipts to and our PNW AIAA section will reimburse amounts in excess of the $250 covered by the national grant, up to an additional $250.

Please see the Educators page for information about other grant opportunities